WITTY Contract Address: 0xc2adf363be367031dad8bce42e4077e53c166275


Why choose WITTY Ecosystem


We never hold your Digital Assets, we rather let you have full control of your Digital Assets. With our platform, there’s no central point of failure.

Permissionless & Trustless

Our platform is protocol-driven; it’s largely powered by Smart Contracts. This means there’s very little to no room for human errors.

Enhanced Security

The security architecture of our system is better since we don’t centralize the Digital Assets of our users. Each user holds their Digital Assets in a third party Non-Custodial wallet where you hold your Private Keys.

User Centric Products

Our products are tailored to suit the needs of even a non-tech savvy person and to proffer solutions to age long challenges of financial inclusion for people from all works of life; our interface is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Agile & Empathetic Management

We believe that Africans are in a better position to solve Africa’s problems. We understand the terrain, we can relate to the challenges and therefore have a greater resolve to change the status quo over and above Economic reasons.

Active Tribe

You’ll be part of an active Tribe of people who are genuinely interested in you and your progress

What is WITTY Club?

WITTY Club is the Community arm of our project; since our Ecosystem is invite-only, the platform enables our users to display their referral links to all our products in one single dashboard where all their referrals can easily copy them for use



WITTY is a fully indigenous African Blockchain FinTech Provider built on the Binance Smart Chain focused on developing Products & Services with the aim of creating a Value Chain in the Decentralized Finance Ecosystem [ DeFi ].

Our Vision

Playing the Major Role in Breaking the Third World Fence by Leveraging Permissionless and Trustless Technologies.

Our Creed

Nigeria is our Springboard, Africa is our Platform, the World is our Stage.

Our Tagline

Business Beyond Borders.

Meet our Management Team

Dan Ewah


Arinze John


Jatin Goyal


Linda Lessle



We are very conscious about the Passive Income attribute of our platform, so we encourage every prospect to sign up with the link of the person who referred them to us.

The starting point is to become a member of WITTY Club which is FREE, that’s the community arm of our project where you’d see lots of Videos explaining our different products.

Your sponsor will also be your first point of call in case you need help along the way.

Our products are newbie-friendly.

We also have a closely knit community where Sponsors, Members and Facilitators are on hand to answer questions and provide clarifications to grey areas.

Yes, we have a team of Facilitators who can guide you if you need such level of assistance.

You’ll need to register through your sponsor or whoever introduced you here. You are advised to always register through your sponsor, so they can help you get started smoothly.

If you found us through our Advertising or Search Engine, you can register through the WITTY Club page.

Our platform is decentralized, we pride ourselves in being Permissionless and Trustless. That means at no point would/Should we be in possession of your Digital Assets.

Cryptocurrency is about Decentralization and we take that seriously, our platform puts you in charge of your Digital Assets, so you don’t need to trust us.

As the saying goes; "If it's Not your private keys, then it's Not your money"


WITTY Corporate Headquarters

Suite 305

Griffith Corporate Centre Beachmont

Box 1510 Kingstown,

St. Vincent and the Grenadines.